Here is the mtn built 0.9.7-3, UNsigned, untrusted, but with hashsum!

TAKE CARE! It updates jetty!

Just copy the file (or the bigger file for routers older than 0.8.5) into your I2P directory (do NOT unzip it!) and restart the router via the router console. I2P will unzip it, apply the update and restart the newer version on its own.
If you have installed I2P from the PPA, have a look on Killyourtv debian MTN updates inside of I2P.

History file with changes to the i2p.i2p branch in our monotone repository

Updater to 0.9.7-3

Updater to 0.9.7-3, pack 200

I2P windows install.exe for 0.9.7-3


I2P installer .jar for 0.9.7-3


No more headless installer files!
Instead use: java -jar i2pinstall.exe -console